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Mad Maxx Mobile Power Fleet

Validus Power Mobile Mining Fleet can convert waste gas into Bitcoin with propriety clean energy technology.

Convert Carbon Output and to Green Energy

There is a need for low-cost sustainable power at scale throughout the world. There are two industries that have garnered a bad reputation due to their carbon footprint or consumption of energy: Oil Producers and Bitcoin Mining. But what if we could use the undesirable carbon output from Oil producers and provide low-cost energy for bitcoin mining?

Proven Technology and Propriety Process

Through the use of propriety and proven technology, Validus Power is able to take undesirable and unusable waste gas created in the oil refinement process and convert it to energy at scale. This technology has been in operation for the last 5 years and being used across many different industries.

Generate Low-cost Power while cleaning up the Planet

Through years of innovation, Validus power has optimized its mobile power generation technology to deliver low-cost energy to power Bitcoin mining operations. With this system, we can generate a profit while eliminating harmful greenhouse gases. This technology can be deployed rapidly, anywhere, at scale and remain fixed for decades or redeployed within 24 hours notice.

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